Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Walnut Stuffed Prunes in Sour Cream Sauce

My mom and I used to make this in Russia for special occasions. Prunes for dessert might sound kind of weird, but I love it! It's the kind of recipe that you can get the kid who always wants to help to do since it doesn't have to be perfect. My little sister helped me out! So here's the recipe:

Walnut Stuffed Prunes in Sour Cream Sauce
It's easy to increase or decrease the number of prunes you make

1 package pitted dried prunes
1 bag walnut halves (We used to buy them whole and crack them open ourselves - part of the fun!)
1 cup sour cream (Depending how how many prunes you're planning on stuffing, may need more or less)
1/2 cup white sugar (If you're using more sour cream, follow the 2:1 ratio)

For each prune, do the following:
1. With a finger, find your way inside the pitted prune on either of the sides and hollow it out a bit - that's where you're going to put the walnuts. Might want to use some kind of a glove, it tends to get a little messy.

2. Take 1/4 of a walnut and place it inside the hollow prune lengthwise. It might stick out a bit on the sides, not a big deal. If there's still a lot of space inside the prune, try to stick another walnut piece in there. The amount of walnut going in depends on the size of the prunes, really.

3. Press the prune down onto the walnuts as to seal it up.

For the sauce:
1. In a bowl, thoroughly mix the sour cream with the sugar. As the sugar dissolves, the sour cream with become runny. Mix well!!

2. Place all the prepared prunes into a serving dish and pour the sauce evenly over top.

Note: I think for around 30 prunes, the 1 cup sour cream should be enough. You don't wanna drown the prunes in the sauce, but just coat them. It's always better to make a little less than way too much.

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This definitely looks yummy