Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delicious Links

Although it may seem as if I have fallen off the edge of the Earth, I'm still here - just a bit lazier than usual (and you thought that wasn't possible!). I got a ton of stuff to post, I just need to get around to posting it. Egghh, it's tough when you've got HBO a cold.

I was looking over my Favorite Sites page, and realized that, more often than not, the things I cook now (undocumented, that is) come from some of the many food blogs I subscribe to. While I'd love to sit and look at FFOODD ATTACK all day, I actually wanna taste some of that. So here are a few of my recent favorites (NOT in that order!).

The Kitchn
This one is one of my daily reads. There are always tons of useful posts - "how to"s, readers' questions answered, useful tips, delicious recipes, collections. Lots of great stuff. Check out their Delicious Links post on the left and a post about online specialty foods store on the right.