Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delicious Links

Although it may seem as if I have fallen off the edge of the Earth, I'm still here - just a bit lazier than usual (and you thought that wasn't possible!). I got a ton of stuff to post, I just need to get around to posting it. Egghh, it's tough when you've got HBO a cold.

I was looking over my Favorite Sites page, and realized that, more often than not, the things I cook now (undocumented, that is) come from some of the many food blogs I subscribe to. While I'd love to sit and look at FFOODD ATTACK all day, I actually wanna taste some of that. So here are a few of my recent favorites (NOT in that order!).

The Kitchn
This one is one of my daily reads. There are always tons of useful posts - "how to"s, readers' questions answered, useful tips, delicious recipes, collections. Lots of great stuff. Check out their Delicious Links post on the left and a post about online specialty foods store on the right.

The English Kitchen
I love the heartiness of the recipes from this blog. Whenever I look at the recipes, I feel like this is a "visit once in a while" kind of blog :) simply because if the pleasure is guilty - it's full on guilty here. Just look at the bacon Gryuere bread. I am absolutely terrified to make it because I know it'll be amazing but at the same time it'll be a whole loaf of bread smothered with one of the best cheeses and soaked in bacon fat. It just can't not taste good. The recipe on the right is a bun and butter pudding - looks so homey and wonderful. The only thing that bugs me about this blog is amount of useless repetitive photos. Once I've seen what it looks like on the outside, I'm forced to scroll over about 5 more photos of how it looks like on the outside from different angles... I have yet to cook anything from this blog specifically, but I did bookmark quite a few recipes, and was inspired to make a Cottage pie! Which was delicious, BTW, but the recipe was from AllRecipes.com with user suggested changes.

Brown Eyed Baker
Recently discovered, I am in LOVE with this blog!! Once I came across it in my feed, I probably spent 2 hours looking through all the beautiful recipes. Love the photos, love the tips, love it, love it, love it! I have tried the two recipes below and they were both absolutely perfect. I can't wait to make more brownies, cakes, dips, and cookies from this blog. Love it.

3 Hungry Tummies
I've been subscribed for a while but just recently saw a couple recipes that I'm just going to have to make. I am particularly excited about the chicken cooked in milk pictured below on the right. I completely forgot that stuff can be cooked in milk (right??) and I can just taste the cooked milky chunks now - it's a far away familiar memory of a flavor. Woo-hoo for memories!

Smells Like Home
Are you looking at those red velvet brownies?? I bet you are. I'm making those. They look a-mazing. Very cute blog, love the colors, layout, and beautiful photography. A keeper!

My New Roots
The latest addition to my vast collection of food blog subscriptions. I am so excited about this girl! Her idea of food is how I would like to be eating. Abandoning all labels, not counting calories - just eating well. How simple is that?? Not simple enough for me, it seems. I'll try my best, I promise! Below, apparently bee pollen is exceedingly good for you - gonna pick some of that shizen up any day now; on the right, it is a raw brownie with dates and nuts and other raw stuff. I hear it tastes excellent! We'll just have to wait and see...

Hope you check all of these out - they are great! All of the photos are from the respective blogs. Show me some love by clicking that like button and sharing :)

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Regan at Miss Maillard said...

Gorgeous food porn. Love it.

CanadianMama said...

MMMMMMMM, yummy!!